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Auto Survival Kits

We love the assurance our auto survival kits give us while traveling.
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Water Pouch (1 Case) Water Pouch (1 Case)
Our Price: $30.18
Case of 1001 Wet Naps Case of 1001 Wet Naps
Our Price: $38.50
Guardian Auto Kit Guardian Auto Kit
Our Price: $60.75
Family Road Kit Family Road Kit
Our Price: $224.99

Auto Survival Kits

Since our beginning at SurvivalBackPacksPlus.com our goal has been to provide a quality, compact auto survival kits that contains some or if we have any luck all of the things you might need in a break down or emergency situation.

We know that it would be impossible to provide every item you might need because of the wide range of things that can and have happened while traveling, but our auto survival kits have a variety of things could hopefully make your plight a bit less stressful. In todays crazy world there are enough things that concern us, being prepared in our vehicles while driving or traveling should not be one of these.

As we all know, that live in snow country, it is wise to carry a multitude of essential gear such as food, water, gloves, hats and extra blankets or sleeping bags for added warmth if stranded in a snow bank or ditch. It is also a good idea to have some candles, a large one in a metal tin is optimal, a couple of flashlights with extra batteries. If you have ever been stranded in the dark you know there is no such thing as too many flashlights or batteries. Our family road pack is the ultimate auto survival kit containing almost all of these items. Plus a few things for minor repairs on your vehicle.

We like to distinguish ourselves from the other guys buy providing you with the ideal shopping experience and a good quality product at a fair price that will last for some time and keep you coming back to our site time and time again for your auto survival kits.